How dare you! Are you allowing people to have power over you?

Some might wonder how, Well anytime your emotions, Feelings or day is based upon another person actions or how you feel they should respond to you is a clear sign you are allowing someone to have power over you. Ok I get it ! Trust me you don't want to stress because of someone who ain't YES I SAID AIN'T thinking about you. Is there a benefit from feeling down or upset? Yes Lack of peace, Lack of happiness, Lack of motivation and feelings of rejection, Time to wake up ⏲️ in the words of Mariah Carey "Shake it off" REPEAT "Never will I allow this to happen again "What ever you feed will get stronger what ever you starve will die. Ask yourself what am I feeding? what am I starving? Let us examine our ways our thoughts our actions. No I am not perfect I have my days but now I am aware that's why these very words are coming from my heart.Your number one focus should be God not people. When you align your life with God everything else will fall into place.

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